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Today is the last day of March. Is anyone else out there finding it hard to believe it’s almost April? It doesn’t feel like very long ago that I was getting off the plane on Christmas Eve and now it’s almost Easter. Soon I’ll be scoffing some Cadbury eggs and dusting my coat off for the winter. Time flies!

Some very exciting things happened in March for me. For those of you who don’t follow me on LinkedIn, I announced earlier this week that I got a new job with Kea New Zealand! Kea is a global network of over 500,000 expats and friends of New Zealand. When Kiwi businesses are scaling overseas, Kea will connect them with high-flying Kiwis in-market for free. It’s on a mission to change the world by making sure that no New Zealander ever has to make a cold call.

Taking a quick snap in my kitchen in preparation for announcing my new job on LinkedIn

I am stoked to be working with Kea. After figuring out late last year that I wanted to strengthen connections among the expat community, I was secretly hoping the right opportunity would come up. A few Instagram direct messages later, here I am! My role revolves around sharing inspiring stories to inform and engage SMEs. This brings together my background in foreign affairs with my interest in business. I’m going to be working out of the Auckland office for a couple of months and my goal is to learn as much as I can from my awesome new team in that time.

Besides diving head first into the business world, I’ve been to a few fun events this month. March is always a great time of year at Alumni Relations with two of our biggest nights in the events calendar. Each March, we host a Distinguished Alumni Awards dinner for graduates who are doing the University proud and a live talk-show style event called Bright Lights featuring the awardees. I’ve always loved both of these events. I find it inspiring hearing from the winners and this year was no exception. I was moved by William Pike’s incredible story of survival after being trapped in a snowstorm on Mt Ruapehu and losing his leg. I also loved Moana Maniapoto’s tale of going from Law graduate to singer-songwriter. It was crazy to think these phenomenal people once sat in the same lecture theatres that I did.

Feeling fancy at the Distinguished Alumni Awards. If only I looked like this all of the time!

Additionally, I went to a thought-provoking panel at Bell Gully entitled ‘Breaking the Rainbow Ceiling.’ Although I am not intending to go into commercial law, I am very interested in the work the legal profession is doing to become more inclusive. Lots of important conversations have been happening over the last year and this was the first one I attended that specifically concerned the LGBT+ community. It was heartening to hear that the panellists felt accepted by their firms. While everybody agreed that the law still has a long way to go, it felt like progress simply to be able to come together for an open discussion at one of the Big Three.

In the limited time that I haven’t been working on my career this month, I’ve mainly been building a new routine for graduate life. I have to say that one of my favourite parts is being able to enjoy the weekends. I used to study seven days a week so that I could fit uni around all of my other commitments. It’s a nice change to be able to spend the weekends working on passion projects and doing my hobbies instead. I spent 17 hours writing yesterday and last weekend I went out to Long Bay for a hike. It sort of feels like being on holiday, except now I get to do it every week.

The beautiful view from my hike at Long Bay. Isn't New Zealand unreal?

April is set to be a pretty cool month. I’m going to be graduating, doing my visa interview at the US Consulate and attending Billie Eilish’s show at Spark Arena. I’m shifting gears to focusing on landing work in New York now that I’m employed full-time at home. I’m planning on doing a big download of all the possible things that have excited me over the past year and strategising about who I might need to approach to make them happen. I’m also really looking forward to having a couple of days off at Easter. I’m hoping to visit my grandparents and catch up with friends coming home from overseas, which will be lovely.

Until then, I hope you all stay safe and have a fantastic month!


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